This package contains all of the classes and functions you need to interact with Splice Machine's scale out, Hadoop on SQL RDBMS from Python. It also contains several machine learning utilities for u…

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sudo pip3 install splicemachine

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Version Released Stretch Buster Files
2.8.0 2021-05-21 +
2.8.0.dev2 pre-release 2021-06-04 +
2.8.0.dev1 pre-release 2021-06-04 +
2.8.0.dev0 pre-release 2021-05-28 +
2.7.0.dev2 pre-release 2021-05-20 +
2.7.0.dev1 pre-release 2021-05-20
2.7.0.dev0 pre-release 2021-05-04
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