The Platform Driver agent is a special purpose agent that manages communication between the Volttron platform and devices. The Platform driver features a number of endpoints for collecting data and s…


In a virtualenv (see these instructions if you need to create one):

pip3 install volttron-platform-driver


Version Released Buster
Python 3.7
Python 3.9
Python 3.11
0.2.1rc2 pre-release 2023-10-12      
0.2.1rc1 pre-release 2023-05-15      
0.2.1rc0 pre-release 2023-05-15      
0.2.0rc7 pre-release 2023-05-11      
0.2.0rc6 pre-release 2023-05-11      
0.2.0rc5 pre-release 2023-05-11      
0.2.0rc4 pre-release 2023-05-11      
0.2.0rc3 pre-release 2023-05-10      
0.2.0rc2 pre-release 2023-05-10      
0.2.0rc1 pre-release 2023-01-17    
0.2.0rc0 pre-release 2022-11-30    
0.1.1a7 pre-release 2022-11-29    
0.1.1a6 pre-release 2022-11-29    
0.1.1a5 pre-release 2022-11-28    
0.1.1a4 pre-release 2022-11-27    
0.1.1a3 pre-release 2022-11-22    
0.1.1a2 pre-release 2022-11-22    
0.1.1a1 pre-release 2022-11-18    
0.1.1a0 pre-release 2022-10-27    

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